Pete Johnson Towing
631 Ryans Ferry Rd Huntsville, Texas 77320
(936) 291-1119
Welcome to Pete Johnson's Towing

If you are looking for fast, quality service, look no further than Pete Johnson Towing. Our 50 years of business provides us with the experience we need to fulfill your needs. With our six employees and 13 trucks, we are able to respond quickly with our services. From equipment transport to airbag recovery, our services cover a variety of towing and mechanical needs.

White and orange service trucks in parking lot - 24/7 service

Airbag Recovery

When your vehicle is in a tough spot, it's hard to manage its stability. With our airbag recovery systems, large, cumbersome vehicles with heavy loads can easily be righted without hassle.


When you need your vehicle towed, Pete Johnson Towing's team is there to help. We understand the urgency of your towing situations, and are very responsive and efficient with your vehicle. Call today.

Load Shifts

If you are having issues with your truck load, Pete Johnson Towing is there to help you rearrange your load. Our services make your load more manageable and prevent the dangers of a load shift.